To Speak, To Listen

by Eidola

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    releases June 2, 2017

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The Abstract Of A Planet In Resolve
Primitive Economics
The Familiar
Houses Movement III: Rust/Rebuild
Sri Vishnu Yantra
Transcendentium Part I: Zoroastrian
Transcendentium Part II: Fourth Temple


To Speak, To Listen is presented by:

Andrew Wells - Vocals, Guitar
Matt Dommer - Guitar, Vocals
Brandon Bascom - Guitar
James Johnson - Bass
Matt Hansen - Drums


releases June 2, 2017

All songs and lyrics written, performed, and recorded by Eidola
Produced, Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Dryw Owens
Illustrations by Glenn Thomson
Art design and Layout by Bailey Zindel at Halfheart Media
Photo by Michael-Rex Carbonell
Published by Blue Swan Records

Guest Vocals on "Amplissimus Machina" by Joey Lancaster
Group Vocals on "Tetelestai" by Andrew Wells, Dryw Owens, Joey Lancaster, and Matt Coate

Eidola would like to thank:
All of our friends and family, Will Swan, Dryw Owens, Kathrine Owens, Hans, Sergio Medina, Donovan Melero,
Michael-Rex Carbonell, Glenn Thomson, Bailey Zindel, Joey Lancaster, Matt Coate, Josh Unnitt, Michael Franzino, Chad Cooper, Stolas, Hail The Sun, Artifex Pereo, A Lot Like Birds, Dance Gavin Dance, and Belle Noire



all rights reserved


Eidola Provo, Utah

Eidola is a five piece experimental post-hardcore band from Salt Lake City, UT. To Speak, To Listen out 06.02.2017


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Track Name: Amplissimus Machina
Anomaly. Conformity. Entheat decode the great machine. Departure from consistency of dogmatic assimilation. They’re lost in misology, and I can’t relate to the nescient train of thought. So, omnierudite, are you here to watch the world burn in compurgation or contrition? I’ve seen it so many times before. No love. Just careless communication. To reprocess counterfeit meaning in who we are when all is one. All that’s ours is what you want. It is non-existent. Inclination. A conscious separation. So controlling. It pulls me closer. The path I choose to walk, it is self-consistent. Circumstances. Ends that take no chances. Adaptation. Human fabrication. Until I see the end. They’ve taken away our lives and our ability to separate what’s real in all the lies and false beliefs. The machines have taken all I’ve ever known. They’ve taken away our eyes and our ability to think and feel alive. I feel all of my thoughts resolve. The machines have taken all I’ve ever know. Breath in. Bring me close and watch my eyes. Concentrate. Don’t turn away. Breath out. This could be our way out now. Normality. Incongruity. Entheat decode the great machine. Convergence of variation, of singularity assimilation. Free yourself in constant motion. No surprises. No devotion. Awake. Protest the monolith, or let this be the end.